A5 Japanese Wagyu Striploin Steak


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"A top-tier cut of meat. Tremendous.”

The best of the best, our Japanese wagyu striploin is rated “A5,” the highest possible rating given to beef in Japan. What does that mean for you? Intense intramuscular marbling that melts while your steak cooks. Deep, rich red color. Tenderness and flavour that simply cannot be matched.

“Widely regarded. Best-in-breed.”

These true Japanese Wagyu steaks are a thing of beauty. The signature (and intense) marbling creates a tenderness and flavor that’s almost without peer in the world of red meat. Our team carefully selects our A5 grade Wagyu steaks from the very best Japanese farmers, meaning you get a truly special cut of meat delivered right to your door, fresh.

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From the Head Butcher’s Counter

“Maybe sexy is too strong a word. But there is something very sensual about a piece of wagyu, from its beautiful appearance and aesthetic to the incredible flavor you know is just waiting to be unlocked. This steak has mystique.”

How the Butcher’s Prepare Wagyu Steak

You don’t need as much heat when preparing wagyu beef, so keep that in mind. Our team prefers to pan fry wagyu with just a little bit of seasoning (and no oil), then slice thinly so the richness and flavor can be passed around and shared.

On the Grill

Cook on the grill using a skillet to avoid direct flame. Wagyu contains so much fat, a direct flame can result in excessive flames creating unwanted burn.

Using a Broiler

You can certainly broil your wagyu to perfection, with a couple caveats. With your broiler on high, sear your seasoned wagyu for 3-5 minutes on each side, only make sure the steak is a far enough distance from the flame to prevent flare-ups (common with wagyu because it’s such a fatty cut).

In a Pan

Pat dry, lightly season using salt and pepper, and sear on a high-heat cast iron skillet about 3-4 minutes each side. Again, you’re looking for the fat to render and form a flavorful crust, which shouldn’t be hard to do with these extra-marbled cuts.