Prime Cowboy Rib Steaks


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"That classic bone-in flavour.”

An age-old rule is that meat cooked on the bone is more flavorful, and our prime cowboy rib steaks are no exception. Cut “frenched bone” from hand-selected prime-grade beef, the highest grade in North America, our prime cowboy rib steaks are aged for at least thirty days for the ultimate tenderness and flavour. Many of our expert butchers feel that this is the most flavorful cut of steak you can buy.

Goes Great With...

Steak fries or a twice-baked potato. Yeah!

Our Preferred Preparation 

Barbecue or pan fried. The key is to get the fat to render down on a rib steak to maximize the flavor. We also recommend cooking on high heat to get that nice, almost crusty outer sear.