AAA Ribeye Steak - butcher-shoppe-direct
AAA Ribeye Steak - butcher-shoppe-direct
AAA Ribeye Steak - butcher-shoppe-direct
Prime Ribeye Steak

Prime Ribeye Steak

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"Your new go-to cut of beef.”

Okay, time to brag. The Butcher Shoppe sells a lot of pretty special cuts of meat, all of it fresh, all of it sourced from the very best farms. This beautiful Prime ribeye is one of the very best. It’s got presence and presentation, thanks to its thick cut and generous marbling. Oh, and then there’s the flavor. To die for! Available in a variety of sizes, this Prime ribeye will soon be your new go-to.


Goes Great With...

Roasted veggies, fingerling potatoes, and your favorite glass of wine. Will not disappoint!

Our Preferred Preparation 

We recommend that you sear this beautiful ribeye on a pan on high heat (the time per side will vary depending on the size you order). Don’t be afraid to season your Prime ribeye with salt and pepper for that mouth watering outer crust.

  • 100% Prime beef ribeye
How It Ships

Our Prime ribeye steaks are hand-cut fresh, to order, before they’re immediately vacuum sealed and sent to your door on our own fleet of refrigerated trucks.