Our Process

Imagine walking into your favourite butcher without leaving home

Ordering online from The Butcher Shoppe is just like stepping up to the butcher counter. Really! We’re here to prepare your order based on your exact specifications, then ship it fresh and direct to your door within 12-24 hours. Cut, packaged, and shipped to order, each and every time—that’s our commitment to you.

Fresh Meat in 3 Simple Steps

1. You order online

Select just what you need, from cut size and quantity to your desired delivery date

2. We cut and prepare your order by hand

 No more than 24 hours in advance for peak freshness.

3. You open your door to the good stuff!

We deliver your order on our own fleet of refrigerated trucks.

We do it in-house,
the proper way,
or we don’t do it at all

Start to finish, your online Butcher Shoppe order is cut fresh, by hand, to exactly your specifications. That’s our commitment to you: a true brick-and-mortar butcher shop experience delivered 100% online.
Always all-natural

At The Butcher Shoppe, cost and output take a backseat to a quality customer experience. That means less processing and injecting, and much more all-natural, artisanal technique. Did we mention that we use real wood during our in-house smoking process?!

An elevated eating experience

The details matter. That’s why we’re so about who we buy from and how long we age our meat. We age all of our steaks for at least thirty days, sometimes much longer, which means you’ll enjoy maximum tenderness and flavour.

Treated like an art form

Your online order will be treated with the same attention and care it would if you came into The Butcher Shoppe to order in person. That wagyu striploin you just added to your cart? It will be hand-cut by a butcher who knows wagyu like the back of their hand. Each online order made fresh to the highest standards of butchery and meat handling—no exceptions.