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The Butcher Shoppe Fundraising Program

The Butcher Shoppe fundraising program is an easy — and delicious! — way to help to raise money for your sports team.

What It Is

We’ve curated a list of Butcher Shoppe favourites, like steaks, burger patties, pork chops, hand-twisted sausages and more, that you can sell to friends and family all while getting proceeds for your team. It’s a win-win-win for everyone: your team reaches its fundraising goal, your friends and family get to enjoy artisan butchery products, and we get our exceptional meat into the hands — and onto the BBQs! — of awesome meat-lovers.

How It Works

Simply have your coach or team coordinator contact us by filling out the form below on this page and we’ll send you everything you need in order to get started.



Print out a stack of order forms for your players and have them spread the word by asking friends and family to place an order.


Collect all of the completed order forms and sale money. Have the team coach or coordinator compile everything into the summary form and write one cheque (minus your hard-earned proceeds!) for the total amount.


Send this back to your Butcher Shoppe contact and we’ll arrange a time and place — like someone’s driveway or at your next practice — for everyone to come and collect all of the delicious items that they ordered!

Contact Form

Please fill out the form with your information and someone from our team will be in touch to set-up your team with the program.

Still Need More Information?

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