Beef 4-Bone Short Rib - 3" wide - 2 pce/pkg


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"Good looking. Great tasting. Really easy to make.”

It has never been this easy to make tasty, tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs that your friends and family will absolutely love. Hand cut to order from 100% AAA Canadian beef, our 4-bone short ribs ship fresh (never frozen) two pieces per package. What makes Butcher Shoppe short ribs different is how much rich, tender, delicious meat is on the bone—our two-packs weigh in at three pounds a pop!

Goes Great With...

Baked macaroni and cheese or a creamy polenta.

Our Preferred Preparation 

For the ultimate tenderness, we recommend that you braise these short ribs. We recommend browning your short ribs on the stove (preferably in a dutch oven), simmering in red wine or broth, then baking in the oven at 325℉ for about two and a half hours.