Porterhouse Steak


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"A whole lotta beautiful filet.”

A steak cut from where the tenderloin and strip loin come together? Yes, please. That’s a porterhouse, the big, famous, t-shaped steak that includes a strip steak and a tenderloin in the same piece. We hand-cut our porterhouse steaks in-house, fresh to order, from 100% AAA beef. It’s big. It’s hearty. It’s a dining experience that has made the porterhouse a steakhouse legend since as long as we can remember.

Goes Great With...

Shoestring french fries, a big steak knife, and an even bigger appetite.

Our Preferred Preparation 

There’s just something about a grilled porterhouse with that signature t-bone shape and blackened grill lines. Delicious, smokey, beefy flavour.