Japanese World Auction

The Ultimate Showcase of Japan's Beef Culture

Japanese world auction

The ultimate showcase of Japan's beef culture

A Taste Of Tradition

Savoring Wagyu Excellence

Prime Picks: Butcher's Treasures

Awaji Virgin Beef

Awaji beef, renowned for its quality, originates from cattle bred on Awaji Island and the Tajima area of Hyogo. Carefully raised to meet strict criteria, including birth and breeding on the island, and processing in local facilities, Awaji beef embodies the essence of premium beef. With a focus on maintaining pedigree and natural farming practices, every bite reflects the dedication of local farmers and the unique environment of Awaji Island.

Hokkaido Eden Beef

Hailing from the serene landscapes of Hokkaido, Eden Beef captivates with its delicate balance of marbling and flavor. Raised amidst the breathtaking beauty of Hokkaido's wilderness, these cattle lead a life of tranquility and nourishment, resulting in beef of exceptional quality and taste. Hokkaido Eden Beef exemplifies the essence of Japanese Wagyu, delivering a culinary journey that transcends ordinary dining experiences.

Blossom Bliss: The Grand Finale