Our Story

A commitment to artisan butchery three generations strong

There’s something special about delighting customers with a fine, well-made product the way they want it made. It’s in our very DNA. It’s what has spurred our family’s passion for butchery, from humble beginnings in the meatpacking district of New York some three generations ago, to the day we opened the doors to The Butcher Shoppe in Toronto’s Kensington Market circa 1984.

It’s the reason why founder Allan Weisberg remains so committed to the traditional way of doing things, a commitment that has earned him a reputation for custom orders, traditional methods, and a personal, hands-on approach—even as the The Butcher Shoppe has since expanded into the wholesale trade serving the Greater Toronto Area.

All throughout The Butcher Shoppe’s long history, it’s the people who end up with our products on their plates that have remained the common thread. And it’s those same people that have the great honor of serving.

Our promise.

This is the lesson that founder Allan Weisberg’s father, and his father before him, learned while earning their stripes in the meat business—in slaughter and processing plants, retail stores, and even restaurants: people are what’s most important. That’s why our more than 200 employees work hard to first accommodate your needs promptly and professionally.

We read from the custom script that you write, not a pre-defined product list. We meticulously choose quality over quantity and cost-effectiveness. We cut every order by hand, the way you want it, while always staying true to the traditional methods of butchery—the old-school way of aging, smoking, pickling, curing, and cutting meat—that have given The Butcher Shoppe a reputation as a people-first business.

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Deliver the best. Delight our customers.

Next-day delivery, 6 days per week, by refrigerated truck. Rush service if needed.

Always open, 24/7 days a Week.

Our Customer Sales & Service department can respond 24 hours a day to your sales or order inquiry.

Extensive delivery within Ontario.

We deliver throughout the GTA from Oshawa to Niagara, west to London and north to Bracebridge. Simply place your order online today and we’ll deliver generally next day.