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Grill guide:

the Best artisanal cuts for summer

Must - Try Artisanal Cuts

Hanger Steak: A butcher’s Secret

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Skirt Steak: The Versatile Cut

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Flank steak: The Lean Cut

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Flat iron steak: The Perfect Balance

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What are artisanal cuts?

Artisanal butchery is the art of expertly hand - crafting each cut of meat with skill, tradition, and respect for the animal. At The Butcher Shoppe, we take pride in our craft, embracing traditional butchering skills to bring you the finest cuts of meat. Rather than using machines that cut all beef into uniform portions, our artisan butchers take into account how each animal’s meat and fat will be used and sections it accordingly.  Unlike the mass-market approach, our artisan butchers carefully break down each animal, respecting its unique characteristics.