Smash Burger Balls (Box) - butcher-shoppe-direct
Smash Burger Balls (Box) - butcher-shoppe-direct

Smash Burger Balls (Box)

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You asked, we delivered! In order to reduce the amount of plastic waste and make it easy to freeze, our handmade burgers are now layer packed and prepared by the box instead of individually vacuum packed.

Your box of burgers will arrive fresh and unfrozen. Simply take out what you’re planning to grill that day and toss the rest in the freezer. Once frozen, the convenient dividers make it easy to remove a layer to thaw for your next gathering. 

Our Preferred Preparation 

Here’s a quick and easy guide to making a smash burger using a simple cheap griddle on your backyard grill!

Making smash burgers can get pretty messy... So let’s take it outside where we can spend less time cleaning up and more time chowing down!

*Butter is key when it comes to a good Smash burger*

1. Start by melting butter over a hot griddle and toasting your buns until golden brown

2. Instead of pre-forming patties, form your meat into three ounce balls. Re-butter your pan and place on the meat

3. Use parchment paper between your spatula and the meat to ensure it doesn’t stick. Now, give it a good smash!

4. Cook your meat for about two minutes a side and flip. Immediately top with cheese so it melts.

5. Sauce your bun, place on the burger and top with your desired toppings.

6. Cap it off with the top bun and take a big bite!

  • 100% Canadian beef
How It Ships

Our burgers are ground to order and smashed by hand, then immediately layer packed at their freshest. We’ll send your order directly on our own fleet of refrigerated trucks within 12-24 hours of your order.