Smoked Farmers Sausages - 4 pce/pkg


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“Sausage made just the way it's supposed to be.”

This one hearkens back to the early origins of Butcher Shoppe, when our founders and original butchers were still selling sausages at Kensington Market. Our recipe, preparation style, and attention to detail is steeped in this long history, so we take special pride in the quality of these farmers sausages. Plus, our expert sausage makers are so fast, they could beat a machine any day.

This is smoked farmers sausage made the traditional way—by hand, using all-natural ingredients, and perfectly seasoned. We use fresh ground shoulder cuts of pork that are hand-twisted in natural hog casings by our in-house sausage makers. We then smoke our sausages in our on-site smokers using only real wood smoke. This time-tested process is what creates that smoky savory flavor that makes this item one of our best sellers.

Goes Great With...

Eggs and cheese! Chop up some farmers sausage and mix into your favorite breakfast scramble, or serve as a side. For a real old-country experience, get yourself some Eastern European rye bread and high-quality dijon mustard or mayonnaise to go along with a slice of sausage on each bite.

Our Preferred Preparation 

Our smoked farmers sausages come fully cooked. However, you won’t find a butcher among us that doesn’t recommend serving these flavorful links hot. You can heat them on the grill, in a pan, or even chop them up and mix them into a simmering stew.