Debrecziner Sausage

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Debrecziner Sausage

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“You can almost smell them sizzling on the grill.”

The Quick Facts...

4x pieces per package

Ingredients: pork, beef, water, spice (dextrose, spice (contains mustard), garlic, onion, smoke flavor, dehydrated garlic), salt, binder (wheat flour, modified corn starch, potato starch), prague powder (salt, sodium nitrite, glycerine, sodium bicarbonate), ground garlic, white pepper, sodium erythorbate MAY CONTAIN SOY, MILK

The Butcher Shoppe began years and years ago selling sausages in the Kensington Market, so we take special pride in the quality of our sausages. 

Originating from Hungary, but popular across most of Eastern Europe, debrecziner sausage is a pork sausage with a reddish-orange colour (thanks to paprika and other spices!). This is debrecziner sausage the way it should be. Handmade. All-natural. Seasoned to perfection.

Goes Great With...

Whether you're planning a hearty breakfast, a sizzling barbecue, or a cozy dinner at home, Debrecziner sausages complement a variety of dishes with their robust and savory profile. Pair our exquisite sausages with your favorite accompaniments to create a culinary symphony that tantalizes the taste buds:

  • Sauerkraut: Adds a tangy and crunchy contrast to the rich flavors of debrecziner sausage, creating a harmonious balance of tastes and textures. Its fermented goodness also provides a refreshing palate cleanser between bites.
  • Mustard: Offers a zesty kick that enhances the savory notes of the sausage, providing a bold and flavorful accompaniment that elevates every mouthful. Whether spread generously or used sparingly, its piquant profile adds depth and complexity to the dining experience.
  • Crusty bread: Serves as the perfect vessel for enjoying debrecziner sausage, with its crispy exterior and soft, pillowy interior. Whether toasted or untoasted, it's the ideal vehicle for savoring every delectable bite of sausage and soaking up its flavorful juices.

Our Preferred Preparation... 

Begin by gently scoring the sausages with a sharp knife, allowing them to absorb flavors more effectively during cooking. Next, heat a skillet or grill to medium-high heat, adding a touch of oil to prevent sticking and promote a crisp, golden exterior.

Carefully place the scored debrecziner sausages onto the pre-heated surface, allowing them to cook undisturbed for several minutes on each side until they develop a rich, caramelized crust. Throughout the cooking process, keep a watchful eye on the sausages, adjusting the heat as needed to ensure even cooking and prevent burning.

How It Ships...

Our debrecziner sausage are hand-twisted, quickly chilled to maintain their figure, then immediately vacuum sealed, before being sent directly to your door.