European Bacon (Dry Cured, Double Smoked)

European Bacon (Dry Cured, Double Smoked)

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The Quick Facts on Our European Style Bacon

Our European style bacon stands out for its robust flavor and unique preparation methods. Dry-cured with a blend of salt and seasonings, this bacon is often double smoked to impart a more intense, hearty flavor and our Toronto butchers hand cut each serving to order. With its savory profile and higher fat content, European bacon pairs perfectly with various dishes, making it a versatile and beloved meat choice across the globe.

  • 2-3 lbs per package
  • Double-smoked
  • Dry-cured
  • Skinless


  • Pork, Cure (salt, dextrose, sodium erythorbate, spice & spice extracts, sodium nitrite)

European Bacon Goes Great With…

European style side bacon tastes great on its own and also makes a tasty breakfast side or addition to eggs, sandwiches, salads, and burgers.

How to Prepare European Style Bacon

When cooking European Style bacon, you want to highlight its natural flavors and unique texture. To do so, preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C) and then line a baking sheet with aluminum foil or parchment paper for easy cleanup. Next, place the European Style bacon slices on the prepared baking sheet, ensuring they don't overlap. If desired, lightly brush the bacon with olive oil to add extra moisture and flavor. Then cook for 15-20 minutes, depending on your desired crispiness.

Of course, keep an eye on the bacon while in the oven so it doesn’t burn! Once the bacon is done, place the slices to a plate lined with paper towels to remove any excess grease. Wait for the bacon to cool and then enjoy in any way you usually eat bacon – whether it be a breakfast sandwich or a crumbled topping on a salad.

How Much Does European Bacon Cost?

Our European Style Bacon costs $29.00 and comes in a package that weighs 2-3 pounds. Prices are subject to change. Please view the listed costs above for the most updated cost for our European bacon.

How We Ship European Bacon…

Our European style side bacon is cut fresh to order and sent to your door on our own fleet of refrigerated trucks. We deliver within a 250-300 km radius of Toronto or, if you prefer, you can come pick up your European bacon from our store!