Karnatzel - Cooked

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Karnatzel - Cooked

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The Quick Facts...

This traditional Jewish sausage, known for its distinctive spices and lean beef composition, provides a protein-rich choice for those seeking quality and flavour.

Each Karnatzel adheres to time-honored recipes that ensure a burst of succulence and taste with every bite. Sold in 1 lb. packages, these sausages are perfect for both quick snacks and hearty meals, making them a versatile addition to your refrigerator.

Goes Great With...

Elevate your snacking experience by pairing Karnatzel with pepperettes to create a delicious combination. The bold flavors of pepperettes complement the rich taste of karnatzel. Simply add high-quality cheeses, tangy mustards, and crunchy pickles to complete your charcuterie spread and create a memorable culinary experience. Whether enjoyed alone or alongside other meats, karnatzel and pepperettes will elevate your charcuterie board to new heights.

Other options for eating karnatzel:

  1. Straight up as a snack on the go
  2. On a charcuterie board
  3. In a bloody mary/bloody ceasar
  4. In a hot dog bun with mustard
  5. Split in half and fried up on a flat top to go in a sandwich
  6. Split in half and fried with eggs for breakfast

Preferred Preparation

Grilling or pan-frying is the recommended method to fully experience the exquisite flavours of Karnatzel. These techniques allow the sausage's natural fats to render, creating a crispy exterior while preserving its juicy interior. Before cooking, let the Karnatzel reach room temperature to ensure even heating. Cooking on medium heat is crucial to avoid burning the spices, which could overpower its intrinsic taste.

How We Ship Karnatzel

At The Butcher Shoppe, ensuring that our Karnatzel reaches you in perfect condition is paramount. We employ a meticulous shipping process that begins with vacuum-sealing the sausages to preserve their freshness and flavour. Each package is then nestled in eco-friendly, insulated packaging designed to maintain the optimal temperature during transit. It’s then delivered to your doorstep.