Venison Ground

Venison Ground

Venison Ground

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  • Always cut-to-order by an artisanal butcher
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Quick Facts About Our Venison Ground

  • $15.59 per package
  • 1 lb of fresh ground venison per package

Goes Great With…

Elevate your culinary creations with our premium venison ground, a lean, savoury wild game meat that pairs wonderfully with various flavours. Perfect for bold, rich sauces or herb-infused crockpot creations, venison ground provides an exceptional base for hearty chili, luxurious pasta dishes, and gourmet burgers. 

Complement venison ground with earthy mushrooms and rosemary or sweet, tart cranberry for a delightful contrast.

Our Preferred Preparation for Venison Ground

To best enjoy the robust flavour of our ground venison, we recommend cooking it medium-rare to medium. This ensures that the red meat remains tender and juicy, preserving its unique taste.

The natural flavours of our venison ground are best highlighted with minimal seasoning, allowing the quality of the meat to shine through. Consider making venison meatballs seasoned with fresh garlic and parsley, or craft a savoury venison of shepherd's pie topped with creamy mashed potatoes. 

How We Ship Our Venison Ground

Each order of venison meat is ground fresh, vacuum-sealed to lock in taste and freshness, and packed and shipped in an insulated bag.

When your artisanal venison arrives at your door, refrigerate immediately. If kept refrigerated, venison ground remains fresh for up to 5 days.

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