Thick Sliced Bacon


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“You've never had bacon like this.”

Cut fresh from super high-quality, locally sourced pork belly, then salt-cured in-house for one week before being hickory smoked, our thick-sliced bacon is … well … it’s something else. Each bite has an excellent balance of salt and smoke factor, making this bacon great as a standalone breakfast snack or accompaniment to your favorite sandwich, pasta, or even salad.

Goes Great With...

Honestly, we like to eat this thick sliced bacon all by itself (one of our many guilty pleasures). In talking with some of the local restaurants we supply, thick sliced bacon makes a fantastic breakfast side or addition to scrambles, lunch sandwiches, cobb salads, and of course … BURGERS.

Our Preferred Preparation 

Grill it, pan fry it, or bake it—either way, you’ll unlock the terrific flavor that our thick cut bacon is known for. Keep it simple!