Aged Cheddar (5 Years)

Aged Cheddar (5 Years)

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 Quick Facts about Our 5-Year Aged Cheddar

  • 250g per package 

  • Aged 5 years in a specialized cheese cave 

  • Made exclusively by The Cheese Boutique

  • Made with all-natural & organically farmed cows’ milk

  • Ingredients include: Pasteurized whole milk, vegetarian rennet, salt
  • Sharp, bold, rich flavour

Indulge in the bold flavours of our 5-Year Aged Cheddar, crafted with organically raised cows’ milk in the Ottawa Valley. The Cheese Boutique’s extensive aging process creates a sharp, distinct flavour within our cheddar. 

Goes Great With…

Our aged cheddar is a bold addition to a variety of dishes and snacks, as its sharp taste cuts through richer flavours. It pairs perfectly with fresh fruits, chutney or jam, and cured meats on a gourmet charcuterie board. 

Create an elevated breakfast experience by grating our aged cheddar into your scrambled eggs or incorporating it into a breakfast hash for a burst of salt and sharp, delicious flavour. 

Our Preferred Preparation For Aged Cheddar Cheese

To experience the full depth of our aged cheddar, we recommend serving it slightly warmed to room temperature. This simple preparation enhances its crumbly texture and deepens its rich, tangy flavour. 

Whether you slice it up and eat it all by itself or grate it over a culinary creation, our aged cheddar promises an unforgettable burst of flavour. 

How We Ship Our Aged Cheddar

Each 250g wedge of our aged cheddar is vacuum-sealed to ensure maximum freshness when it arrives on your doorstep. We pack our cheeses in a sturdy, insulated box to preserve flavour during transit. 

While your aged cheddar doesn’t need to be refrigerated before consumption, keeping it cool can extend its shelf life for long-term enjoyment.