Australian Wagyu Ribeye Roast (Boneless)

Australian Wagyu Ribeye Roast (Boneless)

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  • Always cut-to-order by an artisanal butcher
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"A whole new level of tenderness, marbling and flavour.”

The Quick Facts...

  • Australian wagyu beef (Marble score 7-8)

  • Halal approved

  • Average weight per piece: 5 lbs

  • Hand cut halal

We’ve said that our ribeye steaks are nicknamed the “King of Steaks” and that our ribeye roasts are also the “King of Roasts”. But Australian wagyu takes it to the next level. The tenderness. The marbling. The flavour. It’s truly a tremendous eating experience! So you tell us… if the ribeye is really the “King of Steaks and Roasts” should our Australian wagyu rib roast be the emperor? Sultan? Majesty? 

Goes Great With...

A stunning place setting and a glass of dry red wine. Really! We encourage you to keep this experience simple and elegant, because eating our Australian wagyu ribeye roast really is experiential.

Our Preferred Preparation... 

To prepare this culinary masterpiece to perfection, start by generously seasoning the roast with a blend of salt and freshly ground pepper, ensuring every inch is coated for optimal flavour infusion. This step enhances the natural richness of the Wagyu beef and creates a delectable crust that seals in the juices for an irresistibly juicy and tender outcome.

Next, preheat your oven to the ideal temperature. As you place the seasoned Wagyu Rib Roast into the oven, remember to utilize a meat thermometer to monitor its internal temperature accurately. Throughout the roasting process, savour the tantalizing aroma as it fills your kitchen, signaling the culinary masterpiece in the making.

How It Ships...

Our Australian wagyu boneless ribeye roast is cut to order, then immediately vacuum sealed at its freshest, before being sent directly to your door.