Australian Wagyu Tenderloin

Australian Wagyu Tenderloin

Regular price $67.50
  • Always cut-to-order by an artisanal butcher
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The Quick 

Facts on Our Australian Wagyu Tenderloin

  • 2 Pieces per package
  • 100% Australia
    n wagyu beef
  • Hand cut to order

Goes Great With...

This beautiful filet deserves to be the star of the show! Our favorite accompaniments to our Australian Wagyu tenderloin include roasted vegetables, mushrooms sauteed in butter, and dry red wine.

If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, our Atlantic Canadian Lobster pairs perfectly with these Wagyu tenderloins for a rich and succulent take on surf ‘n turf.

Our Preferred Preparation...

Keep it simple and let this Wagyu beef speak for itself. We particularly love a pan-fried preparation done in a cast-iron skillet, always striving for that lovely crusty sear on the outer edges.

How Much Does an Australian Wagyu Tenderloin Cost?

Our Australian Wagyu tenderloin is priced at $67.50 for a 12oz. serving. *Prices are subject to change. Please see the top of this page for the most current pricing.

How It Ships...

Our Australian Wagyu Tenderloin steaks are cut fresh to order, then immediately vacuum sealed in individual portions and sent directly to your door. On receiving your Australian Wagyu tenderloin, make sure to refrigerate it immediately. Vacuum-sealed Wagyu beef filets will keep for about ten days in the refrigerator or up to a year in the freezer. 

We can deliver these tender beef filets to locations throughout Greater Toronto. You can also browse our selections in-store or order ahead for pickup.