Local Natural Beef Tri-Tip Whole

Local Natural Beef Tri-Tip Whole

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“The tender triangle cut.”

The Quick Facts on Our Whole Beef Tri-Tip

  • Avg. 3.5 lbs per piece 
  • Sirloin cut
  • Freshly cut & sealed

Coming from the bottom part of the sirloin, beef tri-tip (whole) gets its name from its triangular shape. Popular in California, beef tri-tip steak is often described as a mix between a steak and a brisket. Be sure to cut across the grain for ultimate tenderness! If you're looking for whole beef tri-tip roast in the Toronto area, order online today for pick up or delivery from The Butcher Shoppe!

Tri-Tip Roast Goes Great With…

Enjoy a beef tri-tip roast with your favourite form of potatoes and lots of colourful grilled vegetables. 

Beef tri-tip pairs wonderfully with a variety of other meats, creating a feast that is sure to satisfy all carnivorous cravings. Here are three meats that complement beef tri-tip exceptionally well:

  • Hot Italian Sausage: The spiciness and savory notes of pork sausage can add an exciting contrast to the rich, beefy flavor of tri-tip. The two can be cooked together on a grill or even in a smoker for a meat-lover's dream meal.
  • Chicken Wings: Whether they're barbecued, grilled, or smoked, chicken wings offer a lighter meat option that complements the denser, richer flavor of beef tri-tip. You can flavor the wings with a variety of sauces or rubs to match the marinade or seasoning you've used on the tri-tip.
  • Lamb Chops: For an indulgent, gourmet experience, consider pairing your beef tri-tip with grilled or roasted lamb chops. The gamey flavor of lamb creates a luxurious contrast with the beef, and both can be seasoned with similar herbs like rosemary and garlic for a harmonious meal.

Our Preferred Preparation for Whole Beef Tri-Tip

We recommend that you season your beef tri-tip roast liberally with a wet or dry rub before roasting low and slow in the oven or on a charcoal grill to your desired doneness. 

For the seasoning itself, we can’t recommend our Signature Steak Spice enough. Using a steak seasoning for beef tri-tip can enhance the meat's natural flavors and add a delightful crust when grilled. The seasoning blend includes salt, canola oil, garlic, and other spices which work together to make each bite of your tri-tip unforgettable.

How Much Does Whole Beef Tri-Tip Cost?

Our whole beef tri-tip roast is priced at $38.00 for a 3.5 lb piece (average weight). *Prices are subject to change. See the top of this page for the most current pricing.

How We Ship Tri-Tip...

Our beef tri-tip (whole) is hand cut to order by our Toronto butchers, then immediately vacuum sealed at its freshest before being shipped directly to your door. We can deliver throughout the greater Toronto area. We also have in-store pick up available for your triangle tip.