Honey Garlic Sausage

Honey Garlic Sausage

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“Made the old-fashioned way for timeless good flavour and ease.”

Honey garlic sausage combines the sweetness of honey with the aromatic and slightly spicy notes of garlic. This sausage is often made from pork, beef, or a blend of meats, and is seasoned with a mix of spices, including fresh garlic cloves, in addition to its signature honey and garlic flavours. 

The end result is a sausage that offers a balance of sweet and savory, making it a versatile option for various culinary uses that the whole family will love.

The Quick Facts on Honey Garlic Sausage

  • 4x pieces per package
  • Gluten Free
  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • Locally Sourced
  • Shelf Life Up To One Week Once Opened
  • Mild Spice Level

The Butcher Shoppe began years and years ago selling sausages in the Kensington Market, so we take special pride in the quality of our sausages.

Our Honey Garlic Sausages deliver a remarkable balance of flavours, marrying the natural sweetness of honey with the robust aroma of garlic. This unique blend makes these sausages a culinary delight, perfect for a range of dishes and occasions.


  • Pork, Water, Spice (salt, sugar, spices and spice extract, garlic powder), Brown Sugar, Granulated garlic.

Goes Great With…

When it comes to versatility and pairing, honey garlic sausages are a standout choice. The sweetness of honey and the aromatic touch of garlic make these sausages a flavourful partner for a multitude of dishes and accompaniments.

Side Dishes

  • Roasted Vegetables: The earthy flavours of roasted carrots or Brussels sprouts complement the sweetness of honey garlic sausages.
  • Mashed Potatoes: Creamy and rich, mashed potatoes can balance the robust flavours of these sausages.
  • Coleslaw: A tangy coleslaw can offset the sweetness and add a crunchy texture to your meal.
  • Garlic Bread: Enhance the garlic note in the sausages with some warm, buttery garlic bread.

Other Proteins

  • Chicken Breasts: The neutral flavour of chicken breast can serve as a backdrop, allowing the honey garlic sausages to shine.
  • Salmon: The fatty richness of salmon can be an excellent counterpoint to the sweet and spicy flavours of the sausages.
  • Grill Platter: Add sausages to the grill with other meats like steak or pork chops for a diverse and tasty experience.

Breakfast Scramble: Mix in with scrambled eggs and some sautéed vegetables for a hearty breakfast.

How Much Does Honey Garlic Sausage Cost?

For just $4.79, you receive a four-piece package brimming with flavour and crafted with the utmost care. That means you're getting each meticulously prepared sausage for approximately $1.20, a price point that offers significant value for such a high-quality product.

Prices may change, so please see the top of this page for the most accurate pricing information.

How It Ships…

Our honey garlic sausages undergo an in-depth preparation process to guarantee they arrive at your doorstep as fresh as the day they were made. Crafted in-house by our skilled butchers, each sausage is handmade to meet our high-quality standards. As soon as they're seasoned and shaped, these sausages are vacuum-sealed and promptly frozen to lock in their unique blend of honey and garlic flavours.

Your frozen, vacuum-sealed package is dispatched directly to your location in the greater Toronto area using our state-of-the-art refrigerated trucks. This approach ensures that the taste, aroma, and quality of our honey garlic sausages are preserved from our facility straight to your table. You can also come pick up your order in-person at our store.