Spanish Iberico Pork - Tenderloin

Spanish Iberico Pork - Tenderloin

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The Quick Facts on Our Iberico Tenderloin:

  • 100% Authentic Iberico pork from Spain

  • Lean and tender cut

  • Subtle yet distinct flavour

  • Delivered frozen to your door

Indulge in the elegance of our Iberico Tenderloin, a lean and exceptionally tender cut that promises a refined dining experience. Its subtle flavour is perfect for sophisticated dishes that let the quality of the meat shine.

Goes Great In:

Fine dining dishes. Roast or grill the Iberico Tenderloin and pair with a wine reduction or a light herb sauce.

Our Preferred Preparation for Iberico Pluma:

Roast the tenderloin with a crust of herbs and spices, keeping the seasoning simple to highlight the meat's natural flavours.

How It Ships:

Our Spanish Iberico Pork is sourced directly from Spain, ensuring authenticity and quality. It's carefully packaged, vacuum sealed, and frozen then shipped in refrigerated conditions to maintain freshness. We offer both delivery to your door and in-store pick up!