Dry Aged Prime Striploin Steak (Bone In)

Dry Aged Prime Striploin Steak (Bone In)

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“A steak to write home about.”

The Quick Facts on Our Prime Bone-In Striploin Steak

  • 100% Canadian dry-aged beef striploin

Dry aging is just like magic, isn’t it? The moisture is slowly drawn out, giving each striploin steak more flavour and tenderness. At The Butcher Shoppe, we dry age our center-cut striploins in-house for more than thirty days, before we hand cut them and ship them to your door. Plus, by choosing a steak cut with the bone in, you’re getting even more premium flavour. If you're looking for bone-in striploin steak in the Toronto area, order online today from The Butcher Shoppe!

Goes Great With...

You guessed it: roasted vegetables and fingerling potatoes. The trick is to focus on seasoning and cooking your prime striploin steaks on the bone just right.

Our Preferred Preparation for Dry-Aged Prime Striploin Steaks on the Bone

We recommend the grill or pan searing for your bone-in striploins, simple cooking techniques that maximize the flavour of the dry-aged prime steak.  

How It Ships...

Our dry-aged prime bone-in striploin steak is cut to order at our Toronto butcher shop and then immediately vacuum sealed at its freshest before being shipped directly to your door on our own fleet of refrigerated trucks.