Pork Belly Skin On

Pork Belly Skin On

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"Tender, juicy meat AND crispy skin? Yes please.”

The Quick Facts on Our Pork Belly

  • 100% Canadian pork
  • Skin on
  • Average weight per piece: 10-12 lbs

The Butcher Shoppe's pork belly comes from Ontario farms that raise their animals using humane practices. Popular throughout Asian cuisine, pork belly is a fatty cut that’s full of flavour. The magic happens in the cooking process, where the top layer of the pork belly fat renders deep into the meat, making for the most melt-in-your-mouth, tender and juicy eating experience. Oh, and then there’s that beautiful crispy crackling! A must try. If you're looking to buy pork belly in the Toronto area, order online today for delivery or pick up from The Butcher Shoppe!

Goes Great With...

Enjoy your pork belly with a punchy glaze or dipping sauce, like your favourite hoisin or spicy mustard. 

Our Preferred Preparation for Pork Belly with Skin

We like roasting our pork belly in the oven, starting at a high temperature to get that top layer nice and crispy before turning it down to let the meat cook low and slow for ultimate tenderness. Be sure to score the skin beforehand and rub your pork belly with a spiced salt mix so all that flavour can penetrate deep into the meat. 

How It Ships...

Our fresh pork belly (skin on) is vacuum sealed at its freshest at our Toronto butcher shop before being shipped directly to your door on our own fleet of refrigerated trucks. We also have in-store pick up available.