Pork Capicola Butt - butcher-shoppe-direct
Pork Capicola Butt - butcher-shoppe-direct

Pork Capicola Butt

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"Everybody loves a good roast.”

Cut on site and to order from fresh local pork shoulder, our pork capicola is sold in 5lb pieces that are perfect for a good roast. Capicola is so underrated, though the secret is out among cooks and protein enthusiasts. It’s boneless and lined with good fat that translates into yummy juicy flavour during a long cook in the oven. 5lb pce.

Goes Great With...

Roasted broccoli and a drizzle of basic red wine reduction.

Our Preferred Preparation 

We recommend you marinate your pork capicola piece in a nice rub with garlic and spices overnight (refrigerated). Once ready, roast your pork capicola at 325℉ for about two and a half hours. Let sit for ten minutes, slice, and serve with a savory side.

  • Fresh 100% Ontario pork
How It Ships

Our Pork Capicola butt is vacuum sealed at their freshest and sent directly to your door on our own fleet of refrigerated trucks within 12-24 hours of your order.

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