Pork Capicola Butt

Pork Capicola Butt

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"Everybody loves a good roast.”

The Quick Facts on Pork Capicola

  • Fresh 100% Ontario pork shoulder
  • 5 lbs per piece

Cut on site and to order from fresh local pork shoulder, our pork capicola is sold in 5-pound pieces that are perfect for a good roast. Capicola is so underrated, though the secret is out among cooks and protein enthusiasts. Pork capicola is boneless and lined with good fat that translates into yummy, juicy flavour during a long cook in the oven. 

Goes Great With...

Roasted broccoli and a drizzle of basic red wine reduction.

Our Preferred Preparation for Pork Capicola Roast

We recommend you marinate your capicola pork shoulder in a nice rub with garlic and spices overnight (refrigerated). Once ready, roast your pork capicola at 325°F for about two and a half hours. Let sit for ten minutes, slice, and serve with a savoury side.

    How It Ships...

    Our pork capicola is vacuum sealed at its freshest and sent directly to your door on our own fleet of refrigerated trucks.