Prime Cowboy Ribeye

Prime Cowboy Ribeye

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"That classic bone-in flavour.”

The Quick Facts on Cowboy Steaks

  • 100% prime-grade beef
  • Frenched bone
  • Aged 30 days
  • Hand cut to order

An age-old rule is that meat cooked on the bone is more flavorful, and our prime cowboy rib steaks are no exception. Cut “frenched bone” from hand-selected prime-grade beef—the highest grade in North America—our prime cowboy rib steaks are aged for at least thirty days for the ultimate tenderness and flavour. Many of our expert butchers feel that this is the most flavourful cut of steak you can buy.

Goes Great With...

Steak fries, twice-baked potatoes, and succulent grilled zucchini with confit garlic cloves make fantastic side dishes for this classic cut of beef. For a true culinary adventure, you can also pair your cowboy steak with an array of proteins, such as one of the following: 

  1. Smoky Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Breasts offer a flavorful contrast to this cut of prime beef, enhancing the flavors of all three proteins for a truly crave-able dish.
  2. Pork Tenderloin glazed with our versatile Hot Pepper Jelly—lightly sweet, succulent pork combined with a delicious kick of hot pepper glaze elevates our cowboy ribeye steak’s flavorful meatiness.
  3. Sweet, savory, and meaty, our Honey Garlic Sasuages offer an earthy, slightly sweet contrast to the rich, savory flavors of the beef—the perfect combination for a hearty breakfast or celebratory meal.

Our Preferred Preparation for Cowboy Steak

Our preferred preparation for a rib steak is barbecued or pan-fried in a hot cast iron skillet or charcoal grill until medium rare. The key with a prime cowboy ribeye

 is to get the fat to render down in order to maximize the flavour. We recommend cooking this on high heat to get that nice, almost crusty, outer sear. Finish to your desired doneness on medium-high heat, using a meat thermometer for precision cooking.

How Much Does Prime Cowboy Ribeye Cost?

Our prime cowboy ribeye steaks cost $35.99 for a 16 oz. cut. We also offer larger cuts of cowboy steak for heartier appetites, priced as follows:  

  • 20 oz.: $44.99
  • 24 oz.: $53.99
  • 28 oz.: $62.99

*Prices are subject to change. Please see the top of this page for the most current pricing.

How It Ships...

Our prime cowboy rib steaks are cut to order, then immediately vacuum sealed at their freshest before being sent directly to your door within 12-24 hours of your order. We deliver throughout Toronto, up to 250-300 km from the city. If you’re a bit further than that, or if you don’t want your cowboy steak delivered, you can also visit us for pickup!