Ribeye Roast

Ribeye Roast

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  • Always cut-to-order by an artisanal butcher
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"Your guests will want to be invited back!”
The Quick Facts...
  • Select from two sizes: an average of 5 lbs or 10 lbs (we typically go by the age-old rule of 1lb per person!)
  • Free from added hormones and antibiotics

We often say that Butcher Shoppe ribeye steaks are nicknamed “The King of Steaks”, and our ribeye roast is no exception. It might be the King of Roasts too! Eating a ribeye is a truly special experience. The marbling, the colour, the flavour! Few other cuts of meat combine the tender mouthfeel, rich flavour and visual appeal quite like the ribeye. You need to try this.  

Goes Great With...

Any form of buttery potatoes and your favourite glass of wine. 

Our Preferred Preparation... 

We like slathering our ribeye roast with some homemade garlic butter and liberally seasoning with salt and pepper before popping into the oven to roast. Remember: a meat thermometer is your friend! 

How It Ships...

Our prime grade ribeye roast is cut to order, then immediately vacuum sealed at its freshest, before being sent directly to your door.