Fresh Pork Back Ribs

Fresh Pork Back Ribs

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  • Always cut-to-order by an artisanal butcher
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“Ready to fall off the bone and onto your plate.”

The Quick Facts on Our Pork Back Ribs

  • Fresh pork back ribs
  • From Ontario-raised hogs
  • Approx. 26oz each

When we say fresh pork back ribs, we mean it. Sourced from hogs raised in Ontario, our pork back ribs are boned off the loins right here at our Toronto butcher shop, all by hand. Because we trim all of our pork back ribs by hand, you get a lot more of the good stuff—these ribs are packed with delicious protein and flavour. If you're looking for pork back ribs in the Toronto area, order online today for delivery or pick up from The Butcher Shoppe!

Goes Great With...

Enjoy your pork back ribs with really good barbecue sauce and lots of it. Period. Just sauce your ribs up and enjoy!

Our Preferred Preparation for Fresh Pork Back Ribs 

Pork back ribs are pretty versatile. A lot of our regular customers love to cook these pork ribs for a long time (like a really, really long time) in their oven or favourite smoker for that fall-off-the bone experience. Still, you can cook some really tasty ribs on the grill in just a few minutes or so.

How It Ships...

Our pork back ribs are boned off the loins in our Toronto butcher shop and then immediately vacuum sealed to order before we send them to your door on our own fleet of refrigerated trucks. We also have in-store pick up available.

Since our pork back ribs are fresh, make sure you refrigerate them immediately and prepare them within a week. While you can certainly freeze pork back ribs up to a year, we really recommend that you cook them fresh and order more next week!