Australian Wagyu Brisket

Australian Wagyu Brisket

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"Where luxury beef and premium barbecue meet.”

The Quick Facts on Australian Wagyu Brisket

  • 100% Australian wagyu beef brisket
  • Trimmed
  • Average piece is 12-15 lbs

We’re big fans of brisket, and we certainly recommend our AAA brisket to anyone, but our trimmed wagyu brisket is simply a cut above. Sourced from Australia, it’s an experience that few barbecue and smoker enthusiasts ever get to enjoy. Our Australian wagyu briskets are big, beautiful pieces and the intense marbling and oh-so-delicious fattiness are a sight to behold. It has your smoker written all over it, and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Goes Great With...

While this succulent Australian Wagyu Brisket stands as the crown jewel of any smoker, its potential for culinary greatness extends far beyond the confines of its marbled perfection. As you savor each tender slice of Wagyu Brisket, consider complementing it with other meat delicacies, including savory ribs, smoked beer sausages, and flavorful burnt ends from brisket or pork belly.

Our Preferred Preparation for Australian Wagyu Brisket 

Begin your barbecue adventure by generously seasoning the Australian Wagyu Brisket with our renowned Signature Steak Spice, expertly crafted to enhance its natural richness and flavor. Elevate the sensory experience further by infusing it with the flavors of Newfoundland Sea Salt, available in three varieties: Alder, Smoked, and Plain.

Once your Australian Wagyu Brisket is seasoned and ready for the smoker, check out our step-by-step guide on YouTube for inspiration and expert tips on elevating your preparation.

How It Ships...

Our Australian wagyu brisket is hand-trimmed to order by our expert in-house butchers and sent to your door on our own fleet of refrigerated trucks within 12-24 hours of your order.