Bone Broth (Organic Chicken with Mirepoix, Herbs, and Spice)

Bone Broth (Organic Chicken with Mirepoix, Herbs, and Spice)

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The Quick Facts on Bone Broth

  • 32oz bottle
  • Small Batch
  • Made with Organic Chicken Bones
  • Prepared with Mirepoix, Herbs and Spices

The Butcher Shoppe is a multi-generational family business. We pride ourselves on high quality, excellent service, traditional methods, and a hands-on approach. Our homemade broth is no different; it's curated in a large stock pot with a blend of fresh herbs and organic vegetables


Filtered Water, Organic Chicken Bones, Mirepoix (Onion*, Carrot*, Celery*), Garlic*, Turmeric*, Thyme*, Parsley*, Chicken Schmaltz*, Black Pepper, Bay Leaf


Goes Great With...

Our bone broth is a versatile kitchen essential. Infused with organic herbs and spices, it's the perfect addition to elevate any meal and can be used to enhance soups, stews, gravies, and risottos, or enjoyed as a nourishing drink (we advise to let the broth cool first). Its rich flavour also makes it an excellent base for sauces and marinades.

Here are five delicious ways to incorporate our herbal bone broth into your home cooking:

  • Soothing Herbal Soup: Create a comforting herbal soup that warms the soul. Our herbal bone broth, enriched with turmeric and fresh thyme, adds a complex flavour profile that complements a variety of vegetables and grains.
  • flavourful Rice Pilaf: Transform your ordinary rice pilaf into an extraordinary dish. Cooking rice in our bone broth infuses each grain with aromatic herbs, making it a fragrant and nutritious side dish. Top it off with some fresh parsley for an elevated feel.
  • Braised Vegetables: Braised vegetables like carrots, leeks, and potatoes gain an extra depth of flavour when simmered in our bone broth with a splash of apple cider vinegar and a little bit of olive oil. It's a simple way to turn a side dish into the star of your meal.
  • Infused Gravy: Step your gravy up a notch by adding the complex flavours of our bone broth. It's perfect for drizzling over roasted meats or mashed potatoes, adding a layer of warmth and richness to your favourite comfort foods.
  • Savory Oatmeal: For a twist on breakfast, try cooking your oatmeal in our bone broth. The savory notes pair wonderfully with the oats, creating a nourishing and satisfying start to your day.