Frozen Calf Tongue

Frozen Calf Tongue

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Quick Facts About Our Calf Tongue

  • $32.50 per package
  • Succulent and tender, with a mildly savory flavour profile

Goes Great With...

With a rich flavour profile and tender texture, our calf tongue is a versatile delicacy. It pairs exceptionally well with sharp mustards or tangy horseradish sauces to cut through its robust taste. 

Serve calf tongue alongside a crisp, refreshing salad or a creamy mashed potato dish to balance its richness. For wine enthusiasts, a smooth Merlot accentuates the tongue's savoury flavours, curating a gourmet dining experience right at home.

Our Preferred Preparation for Frozen Calf Tongue

We recommend slow-cooking our calf tongue to accentuate its savoury-sweet flavour balance and ensure maximum tenderness. Begin by thawing the tongue in your refrigerator for up to two days.

Once thawed, simmer the calf tongue in a broth of aromatic herbs, onions, and garlic for several hours until it becomes fork-tender. Then, peel off the tongue’s skin to reveal the succulent meat underneath. 

Thinly slice the tongue and serve hot with a sauce of your choice, or allow it to cool and serve it as a cold cut with salt, fresh herbs, and a dash of vinaigrette.

How We Ship Our Frozen Calf Tongue

Each frozen calf tongue is vacuum-sealed to preserve freshness and prevent freezer burn. We ship our products in insulated bags to maintain an optimal temperature during transit. 

Our expedited shipping process ensures your calf tongue remains frozen until it arrives at your doorstep. If you decide to store your calf tongue for later enjoyment, this delicacy will remain fresh for up to 4 months when frozen. For immediate consumption, thaw your calf tongue in the refrigerator for up to 2 days before preparing it to your liking.

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